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MH#2 [Dangerdust Limited Edition]


Dangerdust is an anonymous of illustrators who highlight their favorite quotes in the form of typographic chalkboard art. What initially began as an impromptu, one-off art piece in their final year of art school has grown into a passion project that has received coverage from notable media outlets including BuzzFeed, ViralNova, and The Huffington Post. They’ve since turned their passion into a full-time design firm, but they still find time to release a new chalkboard almost every week. Furthering our efforts to truly spotlight the work of each featured artist, we've printed one hundred limited edition covers for every artist - the covers themselves are exclusive, but the content inside remains the same as the original second issue.


Limited-edition magazines are carefully shrink-wrapped and shipped in padded envelopes to ensure safe delivery.

© 2015 MH Media LLC; ISSN 2375-3889

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