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MH#2 [Ivan Lopez Limited Edition]


Even as a full-time artist and gallery owner, Ivan Lopez is consistently coming up with new projects to tackle. Over the entire year of 2014, he made it his mission to hand-paint 2,014 animal-themed T-shirts with the intention of giving a voice to the creatures that humans have displaced and mistreated. The love that Ivan feels for his city, his community, and the environment around him is evident in everything he does. Furthering our efforts to truly spotlight the work of each featured artist, we've printed one hundred limited edition covers for every artist - the covers themselves are exclusive, but the content inside remains the same as the original second issue. 


Limited-edition magazines are carefully shrink-wrapped and shipped in padded envelopes to ensure safe delivery.

© 2015 MH Media LLC; ISSN 2375-3889

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